Off-set Winch Hook Anchor


10A/X Rubicon Offset Winch Hook Anchor(Red Or Black)) -Includes mounting hardware.

Please Note:

This product is designed to work with Hawse Fairlead and synthetic winch line/rope. - will not work with Roller Fairlead and steel/wire winch line.

Installing this product may require modification to the factory fairlead bolt holes on the bumper.



  • HR1037TR - RED
  • HR1037TB - BLACK

The Winch Hook Anchor serves as a Trim plate for your Fairlead to be  installed directly to  your winch in the off-set position in the 10A/X & Hard Rock bumper, similar to the Fairlead Trim Plate but with the additional function as a secure anchor point/loop for your winch hook.



Designed specifically to fit 10A/X and Hard Rock Edition Rubicon bumper.

Made of heavy gauge steel (1/4” thick plate, 1” tube) – Flat Laser, welding

Integrated winch hook anchor/loop tab

Mounting hardware included

Durable red gloss or black textured powder coat paint

Added weight: 3 Lb. (approx.)

Made in The United States

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HR1037TR - RED

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