Whether for off-roading or suburban excursions this bolt on package will make your 10A/X or Hard Rock Rubicon stand out from the crowd. This package consists of a heavy gauge steel tubular grille/radiator guard, Auxiliary Driving Lights, Optional universal Winch Mount package,
Hook Anchor and D-Ring Loops.

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Maximus-3 10A/X Grille and Radiator Guard is made from 2.5”OD heavy gauge steel tubing. This OE quality product does not only look good on your Jeep but it will actually protect your grille and radiator from brush, rocks and deer strikes.
The system reinforces the bumper with structural brace brackets that tie to the chassis frame to provide structural strength without compromising styling.
Available in three styles: Classic Hoop, X Hoops and LP Hoop.
With classic double bend tube style this option will give your Rubicon the front protection and the classy styling to go with.
This single bend tube style option gives the front of your Jeep cleaner
styling lines that complement the general aesthetics of your Jeep without
compromising function.
With its low and mean stance this hoop style will provide some front protection to the front of your Jeep with an attitude and style.
Besides the Hoops we also offer the “Stinger” Bar. This is the result of
carefully balanced styling and function. Unlike the traditional giant
Stinger bars seen on aftermarket Jeep bumpers, our design is rather
subtle and yet looks rugged to complement the looks of the 10A/X and
Hard Rock Rubicon.
Like all of our grille guards the “Stinger” Bar mount brackets reinforce
the bumper and tie to the chassis frame to provide structural strength and
ensure that it will protect the front of your Jeep against rocks and
Our inboard chassis mounted winch mount will get you out of sticky situations. The plate is made of heavy gauge steel and is cleverly engineered to provide a structurally stiff mount for your winch.
The system is universal to give you the freedom to install a winch of your choice whether for centered or offset set-up. The package comes with optional accessories such as Vacuum Pump Relocation Bracket, Front Centering Plate, Front Trim Plate, MX Hook Anchor, Filler Trim Plates and D-Ring Loop
Vacuum Pump Relocation Bracket is an optional part which is usually required for all off-set winch set-ups with WARN 9.5cti and compact winches e.g., WARN VR, Smittybilt X20/XRC, Super Winch, etc. The Vacuum Pump Relocation Bracket is also required when installing a WARN Zeon winch.
Centering Plate serves as a relocation plate for your Fairlead to be able install your winch in the centered position in the bumper. The MX Hook Anchor serves the same functions as the Centering Plate but with the additional function as a neat and secure anchor point and loop for your winch hook.
Filler Trim Plates
The Filler Trim Plates will trim the area around your winch and fills the gap between the bumper and the grille to cover the chassis frame for a more finished install. Two styles are available: Zeon Trim Plates and Standard Trim Plates for small body winches.
D-Ring Loops
The D-Ring Loops will give you secure points to attach a pair of
recovery D-Rings. The loops are made from ½” thick steel and mount to the bottom side of the winch plate. Maximus-3 Hook Anchor


The MX Hook Anchor serves the same functions as the Centering Plate but with the additional function as an anchor point and loop for your winch hook.
Auxiliary Light Brackets
The Auxiliary Light Brackets are necessary for mounting a pair of
auxiliary off-road lights you may need for your off-road excursions. The brackets are suitable to fit up to 9”round lights with single stud/bolt mounting style.
We also offer LED Light Brackets to mount LED bars in front of the Hoop. Our brackets fit 12”or 20”LED bars.
Front Peripheral LED Light Brackets
Provide mounting points to add a pair of LED lights on your 10A/X Rubicon outer bumper end cabs.

JW Speaker Fog Light Brackets


Our 10A/X JW Speaker Fog Light Brackets will allow you to replace your factory fog lights with the popular 6145 JW Speaker aftermarket diode fog lights. They are easy to install and the fit is seamlessly perfect.

Front Trail Cam Mount Bracket
Maximus-3 Front Trail Cam Mount offers a quick and easy solution to mount a trail camera lens to your front bumper. The bracket features slotted mounts to accept different camera lenses and is designed to fit 10A/X Rubicon and AEV/Moab/MW3 bumpers.
Maximus-3 Tire Carrier is the ultimate heavy duty gadget to carry a big spare tire and/or your trail or off road gear. Our Tire Carrier  system centers the tire over the recess in the stock rear bumper and comes with an adjustable tire mount and CHM (Center High Mount) 3rd Brake Light.
The system is a well optimized package to carry expedition and trail necessities. The base package comes with adjustable tire mount, accessories mast and CHM 3rd brake light.
- Hi-Lift Jack Mount
- Jack Shovel Mount/Clamps
- Side Shovel Mount
- Side Rotopax Mount
- High Double Pax Mount
- Side NATO/USGI Jerry Can Holder
- Center High Mount Work Light Bracket
- Backup Camera/ Bracket
- Side LED Backup Light Bracket
- Side LED Backup Light
- Center Accessories Mast/Stem


- Designed specifically to fits JK, Moab/MW3 & 10A/X models
- Versatile design to allow for different loading requirements and configurations
- Made of a unique one-piece design heavy gauge steel tubular construction -2”OD tube, welding
-  Articulating hinged design for synchronized opening and closing of the tailgate
- Integrated pre-tension mechanism for rattle/vibration-free running.
-  Wide hinge bearing points for better stability and load distribution
-  Effortless door opening due to low friction self-lubricating bronze bearings
- Does not require getting ride of the Rear Tow Hook Loop
- Up to 37”tire size load capacity
- Low and centered tire mount for low center of weight.
- Adjustable tire mount for different tire sizes.
- Minimalistic robust design with built-in quality control features
- 100% bolt-on installation with no drilling or cutting required.
- Durable fine textured black powder coat finish
- Hinge design is completely independent of the factory door hinge.
- Spare Tire rubber makes contact with the tube at multiple points for more stability and even
load distribution
- Various optional accessories and mounts available
Maximus-3 Rhino Rack Roof Platform is the ultimate expedition
accessory for your expedition and overland trips to increase cargo
carrying capacity. Our Roof Rack system utilizes Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform. The design features heavy duty internal load bearing brackets to transfer cargo weight to the JK roll bar. The steel mount assembly is well sealed with rubber gaskets to prevent leakage.
The Roof Rack/platform is a sleek, stylish and truly low profile design for better aerodynamic and wind noise performance.
The Rack /Platform is  offered in two sizes:
54”x  60”
54”x  76”



Loading and unloading your cargo is easy. Simply slide your gear onto the Platform and tie them down to the bars. Optional side ladder provides easy access to the platform to arrange your cargo or climb onto the platform.


The system is designed to carry various existing accessories including luggage bags, jerry can holders, spare wheel holders, shovels and more. The platform can also be fitted with optional rails around the platform: full rail, back and side rails.
- Aerodynamically designed to minimize wind drag and noise on the road
- Heavy duty internal load bearing brackets transfer cargo weight to the JK roll bar for maximum load capacity
- Bearing Brackets attach directly to the JK roll bar
- The hardtop can be removed without having to dismantle the roof rack
- The steel mount assembly is well sealed with rubber gaskets to prevent leakage
- Optional Side ladder provides foot stepping and easy access to your cargo load
- The platform is available is two sizes: 60”x 54” and 76”x 54”
- The platform is truly low profile adding only 2” to overall vehicle height
- The platform still allows removal of OE Freedom Top panels
- The platform is made from strong and durable materials
- The platform is versatile and is compatible with many existing accessories
- The platform features T-slot channels for tie down points
- Optional full rail, back and side rails are available to be added to the platform
NB:Maximus-3 Pioneer Roof Rack system does not fit 2-door JK Wrangler.