MAXIMUS-3 is a premier Jeep Wrangler product design, engineering and

manufacturing company based in Detroit, Michigan. Being in the Motor City gives

us a powerful advantage as affords us abundant access to the best automotive

suppliers and manufacturing resources.

We work with Detroit based companies to create unique design solutions and

develop high quality complementing products for the Jeep Wrangler market that

sets new bench marks and standards of excellence.

MAXIMUS- 3 products are designed and engineered using state- of- the- art design

tools/software and technology. However, it’s through our combined experience,

skills and creative philosophy that we can offer our clients, and partners, the unique,

desirable and high- quality products and solutions.

Our design and engineering team combines strong management experience,

creative skills and real- world knowledge to deliver true innovations that solve

design and engineering challenges with a hands- on approach.

We are very passionate about what we do and are constantly searching for new

ways and ideas to bring excitement, emotions, reliability and high satisfaction with

all our products and services.

Through hard work and our ability to be inspired by our customers we can develop

new product ideas and create new openings in the industry. Our technical team is

constantly engaged with the Jeep community which allows open exchange of ideas

and concepts to address the needs of real Jeep enthusiasts.

Our engineering design philosophy are based on experience, understanding of

materials and forms; creative thinking and problem- solving techniques; styling and

function; simplicity and minimalistic approach as our guiding principles.

Our products and components are carefully analyzed, tested and evaluated to

provide optimal quality and product reliability. This philosophy is used throughout

the manufacturing process, suppliers and materials selection.

MAXIMUS- 3 product engineering, workmanship and quality is unmatched in the

industry. In simple words, our products are “top notch”.

Our target end consumers often understand the concept of quality, exclusivity and

customization, and are willing to pay a fair price for a superior product .