Maximus-3 Blue Ox Adapters Lugs



Maximus-3 tow loops adapter lugs offers you a  solution for your Blue ox tow bar to work in conjunction with our Tow Loops. You now can  have all the necessary off-road towing option for your  wrangler behind your motorhome and etc.. Designed for an aftermarket bumper with 7/8"-diameter lug pins.




  • Made Specifically for Tow loop tab thickness of 5/8”
  • Processed CNC machining
  • Fits 7/8"-diameter lug pins
  • Quantity: 2 Adapter Brackets
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Durable satin coat finish
  • Added weight: 4LBS (approx.)
  • Only compatible with Blue Ox’s Tow bar.
  • Made in The United States


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